Wednesday, January 20, 2010

delayed best of 2009 & resolutions

i know this is WAY delayed but i was focusing on my praha trip right after the new year. 2009 was a fantastic year for many reason! recap below:

* jan. trip to lake geneva with my crafty bff for a valentines day crafting extravaganza and relaxation. i wish we could go back this year!
* feb. trip to san francisco to visit a bff and the bf's sis and hubs. had a blast and i can't wait to go back in may!
* april trip to d.c. for work but i got to see a study abroad buddy. had a great time in the beautiful weather!
* july vaca in hunky dory with the bf's fam. had the best time as usual and i can't wait for this year!
* aug. trip to nashville! road tripped with the bf and fell in love with nashville!
* dec.-jan. trip to prague!

exciting news!
* my oldest friend having her beautiful baby and getting hitched last march
* another engagement for my good friend from high school
* news of two babies on the way! the bf's sis and my old boss. can't wait!

lucky girl:
* the bf and friends organizing the most outstanding 25th birthday a girl could dream of. quite the surprise!
* i got to play with penguins for vday last year. the fun behind the scenes days at the zoo never gets old.

misc. fun:
* skydiving!
* lots of cool shows: dr. dog, soul show, jam ses in nashville and phoenix
* 2 visits from the bff living in germany
* my world traveller bff coming home for an extended period of time for once!

i'm sure there are a zillion other wonderful things that took place in 2009 that i'm forgetting but those are my top happy memories for the year!

now for 2010 i had to make a couple of resolutions of course. i've decided on focusing on saving and paying off debt. so far so good! additionally i want to try more new restaurants, visit different areas of the city and do new fun activities. so far so good on that too! i have already tried some new restaurants - may st. cafe, a costa rican place in wicker park, lucky's for their huge sandwiches and i'm trying duchamp on friday. i've also been seeing different areas lately just driving around that i want to check out. hopefully i'll explore soon!

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