Monday, January 18, 2010

final praha thoughts.

it's been a few weeks since i returned but i still wanted to write about my overall feelings and thoughts about our trip to prague.

favs: loved being there in the winter, it's like a whole different city. snowcapped and covered in christmas lights and holiday decor. i loved all the nativities and christmas trees. it has a completely different feel this time of year. loved going with the bf and checking out things i never would have otherwise - the music museum turned out to be one of my favorite things we saw and i would have never gone there without him. can't believe i got to see my tour guide Z so much. that was a huge highlight. he means so much to me and has had such an impact on my life and understanding of my czech heritage.

food: we ate a lot differently then when i studied there. i was there when it was a zillion degrees so it was cool to go there in the winter and eat a bunch of goulash, holiday treats and lots and lots of cocoa.

fav sites/activities: my favorite sites were the love locks on the bridge, vysehrad with z, the miniature museum, the christmas market in old town square and the municipal house cafe.

random: there was a TON of snow writing on people's cars. literally every car would have a little message on the windshield. we thought it was pretty funny and really random. we never really got the hang of tipping there - we were either offending the waitresses or thrilling them but i don't think we ever got it just right.

tough pills to swallow: i always thought i'd want to live there for awhile but after this trip i realized i don't. i was too busy being in my big group of friends studying abroad to really really realize how freaking unfriendly most of the locals are. i just dont think i could ever get used to that. i also couldn't stand how many tourists were there. all of my favorite parts of the city were completely packed with tourists. i also feel like i've done prague to its fullest now and i probably will never go back. it wasn't as magical this time. it was amazing, but not as life changing this time. i've seen all the sites i want to see, i've seen it in 3 different seasons and brought the people i wanted to show it to. it's really hard to accept that i will probably never see Z again. if i ever went back, it would be to see him. it hurts to put that in writing but i know there is plenty more world for me to explore!

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