Wednesday, January 27, 2010

weekend recap, billie jean & more

so this is definitely quite delayed but i had a great weekend! on friday i met my cousin for dinner at duchamp. it was nice catching up with her and enjoying a fantastic meal. i had steak and "eggs" which was actually a skirt steak with a quiche. YUM! we also had to get dessert so we had mini cupcakes and mini ice cream sandwiches. DOUBLE YUM. i would highly recommend it! after that i went to my best friend's place to visit with some of our girlfriends. it was nice to just kick back in her cozy apartment and catch up. on saturday i went to a 1st birthday party! my good friend and her husband are quite the hosts! their place was decked out in pink decor and they had a great spread of food. in fact i could barely move by the end of the party. their daughter is so precious and perfect. i'm so grateful to have the chance to watch her grow and develop. we all had a great time watching her open her presents and celebrating together. later on that night the bf and i had a date night. we've both been incredibly busy since returning from our trip so i insisted on a set date night. first we went to the fireplace inn in old town. i've always wanted to go there but found the menu to be a bit overpriced. but this seemed like a good occasion to splurge a bit. i loved the atmosphere of the restaurant and we got a good spot in their lofted area. the bf ordered bbq fried chicken with potato wedges and i got ribs with steak fries. both came with yummie salads. i loveddddd my ribs. i could seriously munch on ribs all day everyday i swear. and the bfs chicken was to die for. after that we went to piper's alley to see the imaginarium of dr. parnassus. it was alright. i wanted to see it so i'm glad we did but i certainly wouldn't watch it again. then on sunday i helped the bf pack up some items at his current apartment and move them over to his new place. he'll be moving this sunday VERY close to me. kind of funny that we just don't live together but that's a whole other story. i can tell he's very excited to have his own space and be able to make it his own home. moving was super exhausting and luckily i got to take a break and visit with my bestest over tea for awhile. just what i needed! overall it was a great weekend but a tad exhausting. i feel like i have been running around nonstop and i could definitely use some downtime. maybe this weekend...

so i got another foster kitty!!! her name is billy jean and she is very sweet. she needed foster care because she just had kittens and was spayed and needed time to recouperate. she also needs medication because they are concerned she might have tumors :(. i've had her since last tuesday and i love her to pieces. she loves to be pet and is pretty playful. she is really good about letting me give her the pills. i have to stick them far back in her mouth and shut her mouth till she swallows. it seriously breaks my heart because she hates it but she doesn't bite and is so good. now it seems she has a bit of a cold and has crazy sneezing fits. hopefully she feels better soon!

this week has been really busy with bingo on monday and an event in oakbrook yesterday. it went really well but man i'm wiped! tonight i am meeting my bestest downtown for a wine tasting and i cannot wait! it'll be nice to just relax. tomorrow is the bf's birthday!!!! i unfortunately have class after work but we're going to see a late showing of crazy heart which we're both dying to see! then on friday i'll attempt to make tacos and then we'll go to the green mill for jazz. i think it'll be a good one! hopefully he does too :)

i got the book "happily grateful" for xmas and it's filled with quotes about being thankful. i'm going to try to include fitting ones in my posts. here's one of my favs:

"My happiness derives from knowing the people I love are happy."

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  1. happy to read your update :) its perfect when we're short on time to catch up! super jealous of your dinner outings - they sound AMAZING. will write a new post on mine soon xoxox