Friday, January 29, 2010

when i grow up...

so yes, technically i'm a grown up now. despite this fact, i still feel like i'm 20 years old and i still have completely unrealistic when i grow up dreams. like when i was little i told my mom i wanted to be a stay at home mom so i could shop all day. which is so funny to think i thought i'd want to do that because i can't imagine it now nor would i actually be able to shop all day. my new when i grow up fantasies are:

1) to be a dolphin trainer.
this is utterly ridiculous for a variety of reasons. mostly because i'm not a strong swimmer. i can barely put my face in the water without plugging my nose and snorkeling really freaked me out - the ocean is up there with one of my top fears. i mean you just don't know what's down there! but i loved interacting with dolphins at the brookfield zoo when the bf got me a "wild encounter" as a gift. it still goes down in history as the best gift i have ever received. you get to see behind the scenes in the dolphin habitat then feed the dolphins, do tricks with them and touch them. the experience was so incredible and moving it made me want to do it professionally. i wonder what i'd have to do to become a dolphin trainer a the shedd aquarium (i would kill to do pretty much anything at the shedd by the way)

2) become a children's book author and illustrator.
this one isn't as far fetched only because i have some art training. i've just come to realize how much i love children's books and how absolutely magical they can be! i love the unique illustrations in classics like the polar express and the very hungry caterpillar. i love the stories that teach a lesson and values that could have a lasting impression on a little one's minds. i just wonder how you actual get your children's books published. what makes one stand out from another?

3) own a lakehouse to eventually spend retirement in.
this isn't career related but it's a big time grown up fantasy. i'm DYING to have a little cottage/lake house in michigan. i have no interest in owning a house in chicago or in a nearby suburb. i just want to focus on buying a lakehouse in the near future. i want to be able to ski every weekend till i'm too old to wear a bathing suit and have little ones running around like i was at my uncles. i want to have 4th of july parties and bbqs and a really beautiful boat. sigh, one can dream.

anyone else have any fun, slightly far fetched "when i grow up" fantasies???

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