Sunday, June 27, 2010

hot child in the city!

i had a great weekend in my great city of chicago! on friday i met up with one of my friends from college and we went to the beer garden at lotties in bucktown and then danced the night away at the hot hot hot danny's. it was fun to check out a new area! saturday i had an event at arlington racetrack. rob came with me and we had a last minute extra ticket so rob's mom came to join us. i was so glad she could make it! it was an absolutely beautiful day and the park is so pretty. there were a ton of crappy things happening with the event but it was still a lot of fun. we got to enjoy a yummie lunch buffet and bet on some of the races. i won on each of the 3 races we bet on and rob and mrs. j had some luck too. the most i won was $13.50 on one race. i was pretty proud of myself! one of the guests at our table turned out to be a psychic! she gave all of us a reading. she knew that i was going to michigan (i'm going on saturday) and that i'd be so tired and sleep the whole way (always!). she knew that i was pursuing my masters. she warned me that when i get pregnant i am to lift nothing or eat any salt. and she is worried about rob's carbuerator (his car doesn't have one) and she said i'm saver (ha!). so she's off on some things and on for others. it was really fun and she was darling! later that night rob and i went out with my freshly married friends stef and jeff. we tried out the counter; which is a build your own burger place. i've been wanting to try it for awhile. i was a bit overwhelmed by the choices but ended up with a delicious burger! i got a 1/3 patty with feta cheese, roasted red peppers, tomatoes, red onions and lettuce on a honey oat bun. YUM! we also split some cheese fries and i tried fried dill pickle chips. i won't be rushing back there anytime soon but i'd definitely go back and try something different. after dinner we went to the landmark theatre to see the girl with the dragon tattoo. i figured i should see what the big hype was all about. can't say that i was a huge fan. it was very graphic and very disturbing. i didn't like what was the core theme of the movie at all. i felt queasy numerous times during the flick and had to think happy thoughts in order not to get sick. the rest of the gang liked the suspense and whatnot but not i. still glad i checked it out! today we met up with stef and jeff again today for the pride parade! it was stef, jeff and rob's first time. it was ridiculously hot and i totally didn't wear sunscreen so i got scorched. bound to happen. the floats weren't nearly as fun and wild as last year but there were still some fun ones. when we officially overheated we came to my place to cool off and stef and jeff were officially trapped! i'm in the center of the parade route and the parade just lasted forever so they couldn't leave! i felt terrible but it was fun to have people over and to catch up with them. i am just so glad they're back from their honeymoon. i was going through stef withdrawl! and later rob and i watched the blindside. again, i figured i should see what the hype was all about and again, can't say that i'm a fan. i thought it was much too hokey and the boy was a terrible actor. sandra was great - award winning? maybe. it was a nice story but i was just wasn't wowed by it. i'd rather watch a documentary about the boy's life than this movie. it did inspire me to foster or adopt even more though.

overall it has been a great weekend. i love that no weekend is ever like the last and that i always get to try new places and new things in the city. this week is sure to be a good one - my bday is friday and i can't wait to celebrate with my best friends, rob and my family. hope everyone had a great weekend too!

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