Tuesday, February 1, 2011

why january rocked!

2011 is treating me well so far. even though i'm drowning in work and school stuff, i'm still having one of the best months ever and here's why....

birthdays galore! i celebrated 1 cute little 2 year old's, 2 coworkers', 2 friends' and my man's birthday this month. i had a ton of fun celebrating all of them! i love getting big groups of people to celebrate someone's special day. we had a girlie party for bella, cookies & burgers for my 1 coworker, cupcakes for my boss, manis for mary, a shady bar bar crawl for ryann and ping pong bar night for rob. all so fun!

also had a couple of free swanky parties thanks to my girl's places of business. tara's work party was at privet where we enjoyed pink champagne and caitlin's was at a cool private space called annex where we enjoyed the photo booth and button making station.

i got to a hawks game with mary and caitlin and they won! i did my first depaul women's basketball game with my parents and rob and they also won and are now ranked #9 in the country!

i had a few really successful events for work including one at the chicago cultural center that had nearly 500 people in attendance - the biggest reception

i ate really well - bbq brisket and cheesy potatoes for rob's birthday, a visit to girl & the goat, meg's homemade goodies, junk food at meg's dinner party, lots of great junk food - sweetwater, dmk & redflame pizza, lots of cheese - some from pastoral, lots at work events and @ a wine tasting with the girls and lastly various ethnic dishes @tara's dinner party.

i saw weezer's memory tour in the vip section, saw rob's bro play some outstanding bluegrass and attempted ice skating again.

overall, it's been a great month filled with lots of quality time, lots of laughs and lots of fun. i certainly hope the rest of 2011 is just like this!

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