Tuesday, February 22, 2011

happy thoughts!

last week i was feeling very overwhelmed and stressed out. i still feel a bit stressed but there are too many things to be happy about to let it get me down! happy thoughts include:

it's chicago restaurant week! already had a fabulous dinner with darcy at NAHA on sunday and rob and i will be dining at chicago q this friday!

it also means that chef's week is just around the corner! made a reservation for late march at MK. CANNOT WAIT! the chef's week restaurants had me foaming at the mouth. so excited!

a good friend got engaged over the weekend and i'm so excited for her and her hubby to be! i'm so looking forward to their wedding and i'm already having a blast talking wedding with nicole. love all the fun details!

huge news - the depaul women's basketball team got bumped up to #7 because of their big win vs georgetown. so proud of the ladies! march madness will be here before you know it!

it's week 8 of the quarter which means spring break is near! i'm going to take a couple of days off to sleep, read, veg and clean my apartment before next quarter starts and i'm taking 2 classes and my life is over as i know it.

i'm going to michigan this weekend to visit a college buddy and i can't wait! she has a house i haven't seen and 2 pups i've never met! she's taking us to a craft brew festival which i'm really looking forward to! it'll be nice to get out of the city and get some quality girl time.

just updated my march calendar and it's full of wonderful things to look forward to - time off from school, a visit from the liebls, bday celebrations, concerts and dinners with friends. doesn't get much better than that!

hope everyone else has plenty of happy thoughts these days :)

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