Monday, February 14, 2011

valentine filled weekend.

i spent the entire weekend with my love and it was a great one. on friday we went to the counter, a build your own burger place in lincoln park. i had a groupon that was expiring soon so we decided to use it up. i went for a turkey burger, with blue cheese, lettuce, onion, scallions and hot wing sauce. it was super spicy but good! rob got a spicy burger of his own and we split cheese fries. we were stuffed but we always have room for bobtail! i also had a groupon for bobtail ice cream and it's really close to the counter so we went for it. i wanted to try something new but i go there so rarely i HAD to get my usual: cubby crunch (cookie crumbles, toffee and little candies in vanilla ice cream) with hot fudge. rob got cappuccino yogurt and white chocolate pb cup. they have games there and i made him play this really really old word game. i thought it would be fun, it was not, but we laughed a lot. afterwards we watched the fighter which was very good! on saturday we ran some errands and i had to work the women's basketball game vs marquette. my parents drove up and rob came to the game too. it was a close game and kept us on the edge of our seats. afterwards we grabbed a late dinner and drink at state, my dad's favorite. when we got home we watched somewhere. i scrapbooked rob's israel trip while we watched and wasn't too impressed with the flick. sunday we celebrated valentine's day a little early with brunch at our favorite - julius meinl. it was gorgeous out for february so the walk to southport felt great. we ordered quite the spread - i got a slice of their cheddar, potato and bacon quiche with a side of marble rye toast with their awesome blueberry jam, a peppermint hot chocolate with whipped cream and ended with traditional apple streudl. i'm full just thinking about it. rob got their famous baked eggs with sausage and some toast and a carmel apple danish and a cappuccino. then we walked down the street to the music box theatre, one of my treasured chicago spots, to see casablanca. it's my parent's favorite movie and i have never seen it all the way through! they started with a cute old man playing the organ and a funny man singing old timey love songs. it was pretty adorable, even rob sang. the movie was fantastic and it definitely put us in the valentine's day spirit. afterwards we had some downtime and i worked on my homework while rob watched tv. this morning he had beautiful roses and dark red carnations sent to my office and we're going to cook dinner together and open presents. truly one of the most memorable valentine's days to date. i'm so lucky!

happy valentine's day everyone!

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