Sunday, February 6, 2011

snow days

so as everyone has heard, chicago was hit with a boat load of snow this week. i was one of the non-believers and was convinced i'd still be going to work on wednesday and that it wouldn't be that bad. well on tuesday morning we got emails saying we were required to leave by 3 p.m. and that we'd be closed on wednesday and tentatively opening on thursday. depaul hasn't closed in ages for snow. so then i knew it was a big deal. i was not super thrilled because i have SO much to do at work these days and it meant i couldn't do my work out classes! but my freaking professor still decided to conduct an online discussion class that night which i still think is still total bs. so i left work around 330 and i decided i need good snow day food so when i got off the bus and was hit with icy snowflakes and insane winds, i booked it to treasure island and picked up some fancy cheese, crackers, a fro pizza and some cool beers. rob got home shortly after me and we just watched footage on the storm, watched it dump down out my window, checked out weather maps online and listened to the thundersnow. i did my dumb discussion class and then we went downstairs before bed to check out the street and it looked insane! drifts were so high and the winds and lightning were nuts. the next day neither us had to work but i worked from home the best i could but took a break with rob to scoop out his car before everything froze. it was kinda fun but a lot of work. by wednesday night i was super stir crazy so we made a walk to the mailbox just so i could move around. i also started scrapbooking rob's israel trip to keep busy. on thursday rob had to go back to work but i was stuck at home again. i did some work from home and then ventured over to campus to print my homework assignments and work out. it really wasn't that bad but i'm glad they didn't have school. it would have been so tough for commuter students to make it in while campus was still being cleaned up. after my work out i had dinner plans with two of my girlfriends. walking to my friend's apartment was like hiking a mountain. half of the sidewalks hadn't been plowed and it was still pretty windy and very cold but it was worth the trek. we had a great time celebrating my friend's new job and i was so grateful to get out of the house. on friday it was back to work and i worked my butt off trying to catch up but i'm still behind thanks to the snow days. it was definitely an epic couple of days and i'm a little bummed that i didn't take more advantage of the days off to just rest or do fun things like day drink or watch movies all day or something like everyone else did. but it's been a good weekend filled with lots and lots of sleep and fun friend time so i think it all evens out. hope everyone else survived the crazy weather!

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