Monday, July 6, 2009

i am truly the luckiest.

i had the best birthday EVER. literally incredible. on thursday, 11 of my favorite ladies joined me for some byob pottery painting as seen above and then some drinks at a nearby beer garden. several of them were way to generous and brought me nice gifts. one of my favorites is a notepad that says i will not gossip unless it is really good. sooo me. i got some beautiful jewelry and frames too. my friends are so generous and wonderful.

the next day was the extra special celebration. the bf had a big surprise planned. about 20 minutes before we had to leave he told me we were going to carnivale for dinner. a place i have ALWAYS wanted to try. i had braised short ribs with mashed potatoes and he had a pork chop with a bacon-yuca concoction. it was the best meal i've had in months. after dinner he informs me that we're going somewhere else for dessert. as we leave the restaurant i ask if the limo out front is taking us to dessert and he said yes!! i didn't believe that it was for us so i wouldn't walk over to it. then he opens the door and all my friends scream surprise!! they totally got me. i definitely wasn't expecting that AT ALL! the bf had even wrapped a box and left it in my apartment for me to discover...totally was empty. and half my friends had told me they would be out of town that night...they weren't! so we got to drive around in this full decorated limo drinking champagne to go wherever i wanted. ofcourse i pick my favorite dive bar duffys. we hung out at duffys and danced for a few hours before hopping back in the limo. we drank some more champagne and dropped everyone off. i know the bf was the mastermind behind the whole thing but my friends were so generous to celebrate with me for two nights! and i think he got a little help planning from my two favorite blondes...

the whole thing made me fall in love with the bf even more. i'm so grateful to have such a sweet, thoughtful boyfriend. it also made me fall in love with my bffs even more. they make my life so special and full of happiness. i'm so damn lucky...and spoiled.

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