Wednesday, July 22, 2009

my praha girls.

in vienna celebrating the blonde's bday! then a little bit later after celebrating a bit too much!

studying abroad in prague in 2006 was made even more amazing by the friendships i formed with two special girls. the blonde one is from indiana and she loves diet coke, running and the great outdoors. the brunette is from d.c. and is the most put together, classy woman i know who was never without a strand of pearls and fancy shoes. the brunette was my suitemate and the blonde and i randomly just started hanging out. we are all seriously SO different from one another but we became like the 3 musketeers. we went out for drinks, we ate together, we roomed together on excursions, laughed a lot together and hung out in our free time.

being put in a big group full of people that are completely different than you is really difficult - especially in a foreign country away from home. but luckily i found these two to make the whole experience perfect. becoming friends with two girls that are super different from me helped me learn a lot about myself. i learned what a control freak i am, how sensitive and defensive i can get and how nosy i always am. they taught me a lot about tolerance and understanding/respecting other people's perspectives and backgrounds that a very different than mine. the brunette is a conservative republican - and i'm a very liberal democrat. and the blonde is like a lockbox - she will not disclose personal stuff at all and i'm all about opening up! i'm so lucky to have met these two. i'm so grateful that all of my favorite memories from this trip involve these two wonderful friends. we still keep in touch. we all reconnected in chicago in fall 2006 and in d.c. in spring 2007. and i also got to see the brunette in d.c. on a work trip this past april. hopefully we can all reconnect soon!

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