Friday, July 24, 2009

weekly highlights!

not gonna lie - this week was a tad rough but i can always find a positive side!

FRIDAY: had a free happy hour at a dive bar. i had too much fun. was home and in bed by 11pm. but it was so great to see so many of my favorite people!!

SATURDAY: my dad asked me to treat him to lunch at the zoo for his father's day gift. so on saturday i joined both of my parents there. it was a beautiful day and for some reason we kept getting things for free! the parking attendant just waved us through and they didn't take my guest pass at the gate. we checked out an area that we hadn't visited in years - we checked out the hooved animals, Australian animals and African animals. it was a great day. later that night was my friend's engagement party. it was nice to meet the groom's fam and friends and to spend time with the bride's college friends. can't wait for the wedding next june!

SUNDAY: i was scheduled to help out at the doggie boutique i worked at in college. i worked for a couple of hours but it was a tad slow so they let me off early. my friend met me for some shopping, starfruit and then later a movie. it turned out to be an awesome day!

MONDAY: bingo ofcourse! i hadn't had a chance to sit with my buds for awhile because i led the project last week and the week before that i couldn't go so it was fun to catch up. lee told me all about his work out routine which ofcourse put a big smile on my face.

TUESDAY: i babysat 2 little munchkins. i hadn't babysat in ages so it was fun to race trains with the little boy, watch alvin and the chipmunks and read cloudy with a chance of meatballs for bed time.

WEDNESDAY: most productive evening of the week! i had to shop for a few items after work - found a new swimsuit and a couple of dresses. then i went home made a healthy dinner, threw in some laundry and then ran to the grocery store, took out the laundry, baked cookies and cleaned up the apartment. i love cramming that much into just a few hours.

THURSDAY: my coworker asked me to check in on her kitty while she is out of town. binky was dying for some love when me and my other coworker got there. she was so affectionate. i swear having a furball around is theraputic. also my coworker thanked me with a whole foods gift card! score!

FRIDAY: i leave work early today and head to the burbs to prepare for my week long vaca with the boyfriends family. that will be a whole other blog post in a couple of weeks!

hope everyone had a good week and has a great weekend!

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