Thursday, July 2, 2009

so long 24! hello 25!

today is my birthday! i LOVE my birthday. it's great to have a day all about me that i get to spend with people that i love. i like to stretch the celebration out as much as possible. i'm convinced this birthday will be the best one yet. doing the taste of chicago for lunch today with coworkers then doing byob pottery painting tonight with all my girlfriends and then going to a beer garden for some awesome drink specials. then tomorrow the bf has some surprises planned for the evening but first we'll stop by the taste again to hang with his mom and aunt. i can't wait to see them and then find out what he has planned. then over the weekend i'll be with the fam in the burbs. we'll have a fam party on sunday and a few of my friends will stop by. i honestly can't wait! then the fun continues on monday-i'm going to the cubs game with a big crew and taking tuesday off to go to 6 flags. i'm going to pretend that all of that is part of my birthday. because i think this is the BEST birthday EVER i started thinking about some of my past birthdays and how they've compared....

* teddy bear picnic birthday: no idea how old i was but i had this bear themed picnic table and chair set that i loved so i wanted to have a party around that. we had teddy grahams and open faced pb sandwiches with bear faces made out of licorice and m&ms. it was adorable.

* dance party!: planned a dance competition for a birthday party. i lost. it was sad.

* birthdays up at the lake: my uncle would let me celebrate my birthday up at his lake house with a big group of girls. so much fun! those were definitely some of my favorite memories and favorite birthdays!

* my 19th birthday: the bf decorated his bedroom with pink streamers, sang happy birthday to me and bought me a ice cream cake and then took me to blue man group - front row! that one was very special!

* 21st: i had a hodge podge of friends that were legal or had good fake ids to go out with. i had 2 cakes and a lot of shots. it was a fun time!

* 22nd: i was in europe. probably one of the best birthdays ever. we were in moravia on a weekend excursion. zdenek our 75+ tour guide bought me an ice cream cone in honor of my birthday and we took a boat ride through a cave. it rocked.

23&24 weren't super memorable so i'm hoping this one is!!!

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  1. HAPPPPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!! sounds like you've had some pretty memorable birthdays! good for you... i try to do something special each other for mine as well! hehe! :)