Sunday, July 12, 2009

other people's memories

do you know any other people's memories as good as your own? there are so many stories of my favorite people that i cherish so much that i could tell them as if i was there in that moment even when i wasn't. the stories that i know like the back of my hand make me love all these people even more. like knowing my parents' proposal story - classic example. my dad took my mom into an antique jewelry store and took her over to the ring counter and slyly said, "this could be THE ring." that was it. my mom didn't get it but the jeweler did and she helped my mom figure it out. romantic right? love it. OR even better. their first date. it was at a restaurant with belly dancers. apparently that wasn't so odd in the 70s. one of the dancers came over and danced in front of my parents' table and expected a tip. my dad didn't want to offend my mom so he wouldn't tip the dancer. the dancer proceeded to pop her hip on my father's shoulder until he finally tipped her. amazing. another one i like is one that my bf's mom tells - one of her favorite ways to describe him is by telling the story about how he was too shy to ask for more ketchup packets at mcdonalds. cute. or the bf's stories about touring through texas and getting lost. he needed to ask someone for directions. when they asked where he was from and he said chicago they got into a brief but funny argument about voting for obama. i especially love my girlfriends' stories that i know by heart. a friend's date gone bad story - ending with the guy (that i set her up with!) leaving early because he had "too many liquids in his belly" after a few too many beers at a cubs game and a big iced tea. love that one. or my party hard bff that tried to get into the wrong apartment after a night of boozing and how she insisted on seeing the inside to prove that it wasn't hers. i could go on and i on. i love having a collection of other people's memories that i can choose from when i need a good laugh or warm fuzzy feeling.

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