Thursday, December 10, 2009

the bug that never goes away....

the travel bug! i have it bad. ever since i studied abroad in prague in 2006 i've wanted to take international trips nonstop. during my study abroad program, i was able to visit brno and some other areas in moravia, krakow and vienna. i loved krakow for the jazz scene and vienna for the beautiful gardens and moravia for the wine! after my program ended in prague i went on to lucern in switzerland by myself for several days and survived off a brick of cheese and swiss chocolate. then i briefly went to milan before heading home. it was the best experience of my life and i got to see the most beautiful, outstanding sites and it doomed me for life. because now i can't stop.

pretty much as soon as i got home i began thinking about my next trip. so me and my two very good friends planned a trip to mazatlan for spring break. we had a fantastic time and but i got SOOO sunburned. this is why i should stick with europe.

after i graduated i planned a short trip to visit my bff in london. i had a great time visiting their free museums and checking out all the sites and spending time with my bestest. we went to bruges for a few days too and it was fantastic!! we loved the shopping and we loved the belgium waffles even more.

after that trip was the bf's sister's wedding in jamaica. we went to negril for 4 days and stayed in our own little hut at a cool resort. i snorkeled, water skied, ate a lot of jerk chicken and of course got to experience the beautiful wedding on the beach. i don't think i would have ever made it to jamaica if it wasn't for their wedding!

next up was a trip to visit the bff who moved from london to munich. i went for oktoberfest!!! no better place for a beer lover like myself. we had a great time! i checked out the sites while my friend worked and got to eat some amazing food (lots of sausages) and hit up the tents for one night. i also got to go to salzburg for the day which was beautiful and we went to prague for a few days. it was SO wonderful to be back and to be able to show my friend some of my favorite spots. i also got to connect with my tour guide from the program who i had formed a close friendship with.

after that i was motivated to bring the bf to see prague. because i get time off at christmas from work and i've never been to prague during the winter i thought it'd be the perfect time to go! so we are going dec 28-jan 6. i cannot wait!!! there are tons of winter things i've never experienced there since i studied there over the summer. they have the christmas markets through jan 1, ice skating, carriage rides and live nativities. my tour guide friend will be able to meet us again! the bf and i have never traveled together like this so i'm really looking forward to it!

and because my bank account suffers so severely from this travel bug i kept saying prague was my last trip for awhile and that i wouldn't be taking any international trips for awhile. however, i applied to go to france for a work trip that focuses on the life and legacy of st. vincent to depaul. i somehow was accepted and will be going in august. we'll spend a lot of time in paris and even get to go to southern france. i'll be traveling with 35 other staff members. most of the trip is covered but it is still pricey so my bank account suffers yet again.

even though i'm ridiculously broke all the time i think it's worth it for all the sweet trips i've been taking. after france i'm thinking montreal. maybe i'll even have picked up some french during my stay. then i swear that's it for awhile...


  1. if the goal of your post was to make me insanely jealous.... have succeeded. you lucky duck :)

  2. Haha, this is great! I don't think you should apologise or feel bad for travelling though. I think travelling is the best experience in the world and should be done at all costs! :-) I would love to go to Prague and France is just amazing. The food!!! Mmmm! Hehe, have fun!