Tuesday, December 22, 2009

today is a good day.

today is good because it's my last day of work until january 7! the university closes today and reopens on january 4th but i'll be in prague till the 6th. oh the joys of working at a university. seriously, it's great. however, i do start to miss my coworkers and have the desire to feel productive after awhile. i could definitely use the break though!

it is also a good day because the bf got his passport!! he lost his original one and had to rush order a new one yesterday. needless to say i've been very upset and stressed since we leave on sunday!!! so now we're all set. as long as he doesn't lose this one...

also, in case anyone was worried i'm starting to regain my memory and organizational skills. must have just been in a funk!

i'll probably be on blog vacation until i return from prague. so happy holidays and happy new year to everyone!

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