Wednesday, December 16, 2009

pros and cons of sick days

so yesterday i took a sick day because i started to feel uber fluish on monday afternoon and my ongoing sinus infection was sucking the life out of me. we get unlimited sick days at work but just need to show a doc note after 3 consecutive days. i NEVER use them. i think i've used 3 full sick days in 2 years and a couple of half days. i totally hate missing work because i feel like im missing something and that there is always something i should be working on. i also get insanely bored and anxious just resting.

yesterday was no different. i felt bad about not being at work and felt as though i should suck it up but i knew i shouldn't spread my germs and should rest. i woke up fairly early at first but then i pretty much got immediately back in bed and slept for another few hours until around 11. then i parked it on the couch. i flipped on the tv from under snuggly blankets and found several wonderful things were on. my favorite: swiss family robinson. that movie just rocks. i went back and forth between that and anthony bourdain: no reservations. good stuff. i drank lots of ginger ale and water and ate toast. i was totally enjoying resting and snuggling thinking i definitely made the right decision to stay home. later on the great outdoors with john candy and true life were on. more good stuff. then around 1 i got antsy. only 2 hours of being up and i began to think how much it sucked being at home. so i showered and checked my email. i did a little work and did a little gchatting to feel connected with the rest of the world. then i got REALLY antsy and decided to make a trip to the store. BAD idea. it was freezing and every second of walking made me feel worse. i walked through treasure island in a haze, bought some fresh soup and hurried home. i ate my soup and then passed out for 2 hours. then the bf got home and took care of me. he served me grilled cheese and let me work on his laptop. he even made the sweets for my office party today.

pros: being taken care of by super sweet bf, watching great day time tv, no line at the store, wearing pjs all day.
cons: my personality does not allow me to relax so i end up making myself worse by not resting enough, i feel disconencted from the world and have a fear or missing something at work, it's boring as hell, there is only so much day time tv a girl can take.

overall i know it was good that i stayed home because i feel better today. but it was the longest day of my life!!! sick days just aren't as fun for me as they were when i was a kid.

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