Tuesday, December 1, 2009

bad haircut, inappropriate dinner conversation & german food.

that title basically sums up my long weekend. i went home to the suburbs on wednesday night and was able to squeeze in a much needed haircut. i tried rocking the straight bangs a few months ago and they were alright but always ended up looking crooked so i asked her to cut them super straight. she did exactly as i asked but unfortunately i now look like jim carey as lady gaga. that's the only way i can explain it. i hate them and i plan to keep them pulled back until they have grown a bit. not fun.

on thanksgiving things were going well with preparation and pretty easy going. then one of my second cousins arrived - who i havent seen in years. he stumbled in with his dad and informs us that he recently had surgery, is miserable and is really down on his luck. then he moves over to the bottle of rum (that has been in my parents' liquor cabinet for like 100 years) and proceeds to drink heavily. no one really drinks at our family functions...a few glasses of wine here a few beers there but nothing intense. well drunkie mcdrunkerson is falling into things, swearing up a storm and just making everyone really uncomfortable. over dinner he fell asleep while cutting his turkey and dropped so many F bombs even i blushed. despite the awkwardness, everyone had a really nice time and i know that he was happy to spend time with family. hopefully he can remember it.

saturday the bf and i went downtown for the german christmas market in daley plaza. ive walked through it several times but never eaten there. we decided to go all out and got brats, potato pancakes and streudal. i basically died and went to heaven as soon as i sunk my teeth into that brat covered in super yummie german mustard. SO GOOD! it totally hit the spot and the apple streudal was to die for. after that we went to the cultural center which is one of my fav spots and the bf had never been. we really enjoyed it. then i went to the library so i could get back to reading for pleasure now that school is done for the moment. it was a really nice day :)

the holiday weekend actually made me more exhausted than i was so i'm trying to take it easy this week because i know the rest of december is going to be insane!

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