Tuesday, December 8, 2009

a go with the flow weekend.

i never really go with the flow. i always have things planned out and cram a lot in to a small period of time. this weekend i actually did go with the flow and only did things i wanted to do instead of things i should. it was nice.

friday i was supposed to go to a class happy hour but i worked late to prep for an event the next day so i just went home and hung out with the bf. much later we went to a midnight showing of a nightmare before christmas at the music box theatre. i love going there and it was fun to see the movie again since the last time i saw it i was only in 3rd grade. i only dozed off for a minute. i usually zonk out in the 12am flicks.

saturday i had a big event that kept me busy from 11-6. afterwards i got a message from a good friend that just moved back to the midwest from NYC. she had just flew in from a trip to ireland with her hubby and they were available to get drinks! what a nice little treat. i was able to go meet them with another one of our friends and catch up. it was such a nice surprise and it was great to see them. i hadn't seen either one in ages!! after that i made a quick trip to the gym-because that was the original plan for after my event. i got a short work out in and then went home. i was supposed to go out with my bff that night but neither of us were motivated to do that so the bf and i decided (very spontaneously) to go to see the fantastic mr. fox and go out for a drink. i got ready in about 4 minutes so we could catch the bus to make the movie. record time. the movie was adorable, clever and funny. i seriously really enjoyed it. afterwards we popped into friar tuck's this dive bar we always joke about going to. so we finally bit the bullet and went in and it was a riot. it's old tavern decor but currently covered in insane amounts of xmas decorations. it was fairly crowded with some interesting people to say the least. the musical selection included lady gaga, bon jovi and tracy chapman. quite diverse! we got to sit by a litle fireplace an enjoy a beer while people watching. then on sunday we went to a women's bball game with my parents. depaul dominated over loyola and then we went to a restaurant close by and got crazy big hamburgers that i'm still drooling over.

overall i got to enjoy a lot of quality time with my man and did not stress out over plans for once. i can tell i'm ready to hibernate for the winter. hope everyone else had an equally enjoyable stress-free weekend!

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