Monday, February 1, 2010

jam-packed weekend

this weekend was seriously a whirlwind and i really wish i had another day to recouperate! on friday we continued the bf's bday celebration with taco night and a trip to the green mill for afro-cuban jazz featuring chuchito valdez. the tacos were a slight fail. i bought natural ground beef and it didn't turn out how i would have liked it but the bf was pleased and enjoyed them and that's all that matters! afterwards we went to the green mill and it was pretty crowded. luckily we ran into a friend of rob's who was leaving and gave us their seats. the music was really amazing. i've never heard or seen anything like it before.

on saturday afternoon i went to the south loop for dance class with my good friend. i was SO excited to get back to class. it's seriously been so long since i was last there and it just makes me so happy to go. the dance was a bit more advanced than usual and i'm totally rusty but it was still a great work out and really fun to do it with a friend. later on i went out to dinner with 3 of my fav girls to Meze for tapas. they have half-priced wine on saturdays!!! who does that??? after dinner we went to five star for a friend of a friend's party. it is definitely a unique place with burlesque dancers and mohawked bartenders. it was a very interesting way to end the night!

the next morning i had to get up early to help the bf move into his new apartment. his family came up and we worked out clearing the rest of his stuff out his third floor apartment and moved it into (luckily) his new first floor apartment. i'm so excited for him, the place is perfect for him and it looks great! i had to duck out early to work an event briefly and then i went to a depaul women's bball game with my parents. the girls kicked butt! i was a very proud blue demon.

this week is luckily fairly calm. i will be able to hit the gym pretty much every day and have a weekday date with my man tomorrow. i'm looking forward to it. we're FINALLY trying DMK Burger Bar. Jessica over at,, inspired me to get to it!

p.s. here's a pic of billy jean, my current foster kitty. she's a playful attention hog and i think this pic sums it up nicely.

"stop every now and then. just stop and enjoy. take a deep breath. relax and take in the abundance of life."


  1. yay for the weekend recap! five star sounds like my kind of place... lets go when i'm home! hehe xoxo

  2. hi! Thanks for the follow! hope you have a great day! your past weekend sounds insane! ha