Friday, April 2, 2010

junk food junkie.

lately i cannot get enough crap food. this always happens if i have a little something junkie and then i spin out of control. i think it started when we had a taco buffet at work. food buffets always cause trouble. i believe i had 5. later that week me and the bf went to pequods for the most delicious deep dish pizza in chicago. then things just went into a downhill spiral. now all i want are all my favorite junk foods. if i could eat whatever i wanted with no guilt and no health problems i think i would have a diet of:

cheese fries, hotdogs, movie theatre popcorn, cheese sticks, chicken nuggets, fried chicken, buffalo wings, cheese and sausage pizza, ribs, potato skins, nachos, cheese puffs and mac and cheese. seriously, yum.

luckily, i have a small ounce of self-control and don't eat these things as much as i'd like and in addition to all the junk i'm also currently obsessed with salmon and brown rice, red grapes, pirates booty, baby carrots and broiled chicken. and if it wasn't for my new enjoyment of fitness classes at the gym i truly think i'd have a heart attack. but i am going out for mexican food tomorrow...

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