Thursday, April 29, 2010

baby & weekend recap

so the baby FINALLY arrived (40 some hours after her water broke) little luke was born yeseterday around 2 a.m. california time. i'm so happy for the new mom and dad, they're going to be the most amazing parents. i cannot wait to get out to visit at the end of may to hold the little guy. i know i'm only unofficially an auntie but i'm still bursting with excitement. me and the bf have already decided we must take luke to his first concert :)

ok, i realize that it's already thursday and the weekend was a long time ago now but it's been a busy week! last friday was very chaotic - i had to work late and then run to a bday party which was fun because i got to catch up with some people that i hadn't seen in a very long time. then i ran to my friends house for girl talk and lots of cheese and crackers. it was the perfect rainy day activity. i had to work again the next day but got to take a dance class which was really fun. afterwards i had a bit of downtime before going to this cool dance thing to meet up with some friends. it was at this loft/performance space called the inconvenience. several people live in this space but also use it as a dance and music performance space and an art gallery too! i had actually been there before bc the bf played a show there a few years ago but this was my first time back. they had some interesting modern dance pieces and $1 pbrs. can't beat that :). the next day was my friends bridal shower. it was a really beautiful shower and the bride and groom got some fantastic presents. i'm so glad to be a part of their special celebrations! their wedding is so soon! i'm getting excited. we got our bridesmaid dresses and theyre so pretty and fun! when does that ever happen?? after the shower i got to spend some time with my good friend, her husband and they're adorable little girl. another friend of ours came over for a visit too. it was so nice to catch up and play with their cute little one.

overall i was utterly exhausted and sick of rain by the end of the weekend but so glad that i was as busy as i was. i got to do everything i wanted and see all sorts of different people. i'm definitely ready for this weekend to be here and do it all over again.

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