Wednesday, April 14, 2010

what i plan to do with my tax return $...

so i'm supposedly going to bank on my tax return this year. i think it's because i am enrolled in school again. i don't really care what the reason is but i will have some money to play with! i keep a wish list of items i want to buy but aren't urgent. so i need to decide what exactly i should buy from the wish list.

first and foremost i will be paying off my icky credit card that has high interest but i've gotten it down pretty low. second i'll be paying off my dad debt. he loaned me some moola when i studied abroad in 2006. thank goodness he doesn't charge interest. i will also be putting a decent amount into savings.

second i need to get a diamond put back into my grandma's wedding band. it fell out awhile back when i was at work and i thought it ws lost forever and then my coworker found it in the microwave!!! what are the chances!? so hopefully getting it put back in won't be too terribly expensive.

lastly, the play money. some of the lameo items on the list include a tap light for my kitchen, green cleaning supplies, a new retainer (seriously they're pricey), workout clothes and tailoring a few work items. BORING. the fun stuff includes making a custom photo book of my study abroad trip, a laptop (because my computer crashed), a ring flash camera and frivolous clothing items like a cute new jacket or dress. The ring flash camera has been on my list for a very long time. i see it every time i go into the dick blick store and i want it so badly. it's this cool camera that adds different colored tints to your pictures. so fun! i was also thinking how fun it would be to go into one of my fav stores like anthropologie or zara - where i often feel bad about spending money and splurging on a beautiful piece of clothing - and buying something i want but don't need. the bf is lending me his old desktop for the time being so i can put off buying a laptop for the moment. i don't have time to put together the photo book for prague. the ringflash camera isn't too expensive so i could pair it with another medium priced item like one of my lameo items like getting my clothing tailored. i'm torn! maybe i'll know exactly what i want when i have the money in hand. i also have a lot of expensive things coming up like bachelorette parties, weddings, trips and whatnot that i could be responsible and put money aside for but where's the fun in that!?

i hope everyone else is lucking out on their tax returns this year!


  1. That sounds like a good way to spend the tax return money! I don't think having the diamond put back in will be expensive since you don't need to replace the stone. Hope not at least!

  2. Nope, no *luck* here. I became a FT freelancer last year and since I didn't pay my taxes quarterly like I'm supposed to, I am now stuck with a HUGE debt to pay off. NOT.FUN.