Tuesday, April 20, 2010

perfect weekend. rough week.

this weekend was truly perfect. friday i got an amazing workout at a cardio kickboxing class, got to take a nap and chill out with my new foster kitty, honey bee. later on the bf and i went to a show at lincoln hall and got to catch up a bit with some of his friends. then i slept in forever on saturday before we headed to my friend's fiance's surprise bachelor party after the cubs game. we had a lot of fun and watched a lot of train wreck cubs fans. then another friend came up to spend the night. we met some more friends out for dinner at shiso. they got sushi and i went for a yummie noodle dish. we went through a few bottles of wine and then walked next door to old town social which was packed. luckily my favorite blonde bombshell sweet talked her way to the front of the line. we did some serious people watching before trekking out to humboldt park to meet one of the girls boyfriends. we went to the california clipper which had a pretty authentic country band and a cool diner feel. we had some nice tipsy conversations before getting a ride home from the groups DD. can't beat a free ride! it's been ages since ive been out that late and it was fun :) again, i slept in forever. glorious. then i visited my seniors and got a lot of cinnamon hard candies from joe and a full report from frances. then me and the bf met my family for dinner at goose island to celebrate my dad's bday. we had a really good time and it was nice to see my fam. the weekend had the perfect level of bf time, friend time, sleepy time and fam time. love weekends like those!

coming off a great weekend to a tough week is not fun. we are so busy at work right now. i work late 4 times this week and havent had time to get everything done during the day. im going to burst. hopefully this weekend will also be just as perfect! let's just hope i make it through this week...

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  1. Isn't cardio kickboxing the best? I can't wait to get back to my class!