Monday, April 12, 2010

overnight in milwaukee!

we had a great time in milwaukee this weekend! here are the highlights:

* pit stop at the brat stop for fried cheese curds, bad service and ofcourse brats!

* taking really embarrassing pics at art museum and seeing some really cool modern art. we also had a photo shoot by the lake :)

* tara deciding to get her nose pierced and literally going on a wild goose chase trying to find the best piercing place and asking 1,000 questions at each and putting little dots on her nose. she went for it finally at the end of the night and it looks perfect! her nose was made to have a rhinestone on it!

* local brews & a delic appetizer at balzac off brady street

* getting our sangria comped at a shitty mexican restaurant. it was literally fizzy wine with no fruit. come on.

* doing mud masks and painting our nails a hideous shade of purple with neon designs with a junk food buffet.

* girl talking till 3 a.m.

* getting treats at the public market

* getting a tour of sprecher brewery and trying their yummie samples!

i know that no matter where i go with these girls - or any of my friends - i will have an absolute blast. i laughed so hard and talked so much. i had smile lines on my face within about an hour into the trip, a very good sign. thank goodness for my friends that like to have little adventures, are up for anything and make me laugh till i ache. thank goodness.

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