Friday, June 18, 2010

25 new restaurants and counting.

so one of my new year's resolutions this year was to try new restaurants instead of going to my old standbys. so far i've tried 25 new places! i've still managed to squeeze in some favorites like el mariachi and hooters along the way though. this list is only including places ive dined at in chicago. take out doesn't count either! places i eat at while traveling also aren't included.

here's what i've tried since january 1:
1. May St. Cafe
2. Izaru
3. Duchamp
4. Fireplace Inn
5. Meze
6. DMK Burger Bar
7. Lucky's Sandwich Shop
8. Piccolo Sogno
9. Sola
10. Tizi Melloul
11. Prosecco
12. Gemini Bistro
13. Blackbird
14. Nesh
15. Five Guys
16. Shiso
17. El Nuevo
18. Primebar
19. Big Star
20. Park Grill
21. Harmony Grill
22. Kith & Kin
23. Fallafel
24. Kim & Scott's Cafe Twist
25. Fuego

looking back at this list, i can remember some really great meals and some so so ones. i can't even pick a favorite because they are all so different. i've discovered some new wonderfully delicious lunch spots near work. like nesh- the delicious mediterranean place up the street, five guys - the best junk food in town and kim & scott's the new pretzel joint a few blocks away. i've tried some 'eh' mexican places like el nuevo, fuego and big star. nothing comes close to my el mariachi. i've had lovely italian at prosecco and piccolo sogno. some southern comfort food at fireplace inn, harmony grill and kith & kin. i think out of the whole list my top 5 meals have been at tizi melloul, primebar, kim & scotts, piccolo sogno and harmony grill. fireplace inn and may st. cafe come close. next up on the list for places to try is devon seafood because i have a groupon for it. any suggestions for must trys??

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