Monday, June 14, 2010

best friend's wedding and bff time!

this weekend one of my very best buds got hitched! i've known her now for 12 years and now we're all grown up! i was one of the two maids of honors and i could not be more honored to be part of it. the wedding was on friday at the morton arboretum. it is a stunning venue! the ceremony was in the hedge garden - rain free with plenty of hot, hot sun! it was a beautiful and touching ceremony followed by a really great reception. my favorite part was their first dance. they started out with so this is love from cinderella and then broke into mr. roboto and then into all sorts of other songs like walk like an egyptian, can't touch this, vanilla ice and more and they did all the different dance moves for each. it was truly priceless and it set the tone for the whole reception! everyone ate it up! i was just so proud of my bud for being calm, cool and collected the whole day while looking like an absolute queen at the same time. she was the world's most perfect bride! i had a blast with my bffs from high school and my man came and helped me out a lot and took lots of pictures. see below!

the day after the wedding, another bud had her bridal shower. we got to eat some more great food, talk wedding and play with her darling baby girl that i'm obsessed with. i'm so excited for all my ladies in love! it's been really interesting to see how different and how similar each wedding has been and how unique their relationships with their hubbies are. i love it! i'm so grateful to be part of each of their special days.

after the shower i went to steve martin's bluegrass show at ravinia with the boyfriend. i'm a HUGE steve martin fan. like OBSESSED! i'm a pretty big bluegrass fan too so when i saw this it was like a match made in heaven. i also love ravinia. i think it is a very cool experience to picnic outside and hang out on these huge grounds with so many other people. we got pretty decent spots close to the pavillion and i snagged a few good pics. i just love him!

on sunday i went back to the burbs to my friend's house to hang out with all the girls because my best bud is in from germany (the cute asian in navy blue below). we had fun girl talk and chowed down. after that we drove up to the city to hang out with another friend. it feels great to have everyone together. we're all doing dinner tonight at kith and kin and i can't wait!

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