Monday, June 21, 2010

june highlights.

summer is flying by but it's been oh so sweet so far! some of my favorite parts thus far:
* starting out the month in san francisco hanging with my bud caitlin, meeting my darling "nephew" and spending time with rob's sis.
* going to the alumni rugby game to catch some rays and dream of what it would have been like to be a true rugby gal.
* mayfest. lots of german beer and later dancing on booths and free alcohol. great night.
* stef & jeff's beautiful and super fun wedding at the morton arboretum followed by meg's lovely wedding shower!
* steve martin at ravinia with rob. i love that place and i am obsessed with stevo.
* nessa's visit = girl time and good food.
* tara's birthday. including free 4th row cubs game tickets and a surprise for the bday girl at fuego and a shopping and sunning day in downtown naperville.
* bbqing with my fam in the burbs for father's day and listening to my dad tell ridiculous stories. i see where i get my story telling techniques.

some summer things to look forward to:
* date night with my man this thursday. i've been so busy we haven't been able to do dinner in ages so we're doing fondu at gejas!
* work event at arlington race track. enormo buffet and gambling. makes me happy!
* MY 26th BIRTHDAY! including a crazy night out with my girlfriends and a day trip to michigan with my man. can't wait!
* sheffield garden walk with some old college buds.
* tie dye & fondu party with ry. this is just an idea floating around but we gotta do it!
* girlie slumber party at meg's.
* HUNKY DORY!!!!! relaxing vacation with rob's family in wisconsin.
* FRANCE!!!!!!

there's a lot to look forward to! i've been so busy lately, sometimes i forget to stop and smell the roses and appreciate how much fun i have!


  1. sounds like a great summer to look forward to! ;) Yay!!!

  2. I love that picture of you and Luke :). Only a few weeks until we get to see you again!!