Tuesday, June 8, 2010

saturday is a rugby day.

on saturday i went to the alumni rugby game at montrose harbor. and it made me sad. i played rugby for like a milisecond in college at depaul. i thought it looked so cool and i knew it was a very social sport so i decided to try it out. turns out i'm a terrible athlete. i got shin splints within like 2 weeks and couldnt never run very far. i only kicked major ass in one game - took a girl down and she had to be carried off the field. my one glory story. i was always there for the parties though! i fell in love the girls and the culture of the sport but i just stunk. going to the game made me realize how much i still love the culture and the crazy weird rules of the game and made me wish that i would have actually been part of the team rather than just the parties. i sat there longing to get dirty and to beat some ass. how ridiculous is that! i literally got depressed. but later that day i realized that i fully engulfed myself into the activities board culture and it was just like a little team. we all relied on each other for so much, spent tons of time together working and playing and becoming thick as thieves. as much as i wish i could have been part of the rugby club and kicked major ass - i'll always be more of a party planner than an athlete. i'll settle for being a total rugby groupie :)

later that night i met my friends tara and ryann at mayfest for german fun. ryann and got some beers and tara got some riesling. things quickly got out of hand when ryann told the bartender she'd chug her stein of beer for a free one. it worked! she did that twice. she's a champ. then tara asked for an IOU on another glass of wine. what an understanding man! we got a tad silly and harassed police officers and a giant germany aficionado. we had a very good time. after the festival we went to sopo lounge and danced our little hearts out. its been ages since i busted a move and it was a blast! the manager encouraged us to dance on the booths and get rowdy. when does that happen! he brought us a round of shots in honor of our dance moves. they played my favorite song for me so i could break it down. honestly, it was the most fun i've had in ages! i love those girls to pieces.

life is so busy right now with graduation at depaul and stef and jeff's wedding this weekend. big blog post will come afterwards!

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