Tuesday, June 30, 2009

my long-term relationships.

i am lucky enough to still be super close to the girls i was super close with in high school. the adorable korean all the way to the left has been one of my buds since the 4th grade. she just had a baby and got married! the one next to her just got engaged and the one on the other side of me lives in germany. that awesome picture is from our band/colorguard trip to orlando to march in an easter parade our senior year. cool, right? we thought so. another h.s. bff just got back from living and traveling throughout south america for 10 months. and two others live in the city with me and i get to hang out with them often.
despite all of the different paths we've taken, fights we've had, the distance between us - we still manage to be pretty close. thanks to modern day technology we totally take advantage of keeping tabs on one another through lots of gchatting, facebooking, texting and emailing. we see each other when we can and keep each other up to date on important news and everyday happenings. i just spent some time with my friend that just returned from south america and my cheeks hurt from laughing and smiling just like when we were 16. my friend that just had the baby still jokes with me about songs we were obsessed with back in the day. we have all shared some ridiculous memories and are creating new ones everyday.
i think being part of colorguard at our high school has a lot to do with how close we became and still are today. before you put a big 'L' on your forehead, our band and colorguard were pretty damn good. in fact, we won the national championships our junior year. my friends and i spent SO much time together spinning flags, riding buses and performing throughout our high school years...it was impossible not to be close.
the bestie from germany is actually visiting home now! i get to see her tonight and i can't wait!


  1. I love you Jen! This is the happiest post ever - and we're all so lucky to have YOU! xoxo - DRH

  2. I love that pic and have it on my desk at work:)

    I am SO happy that we are still so close and that you are standing with me for my wedding!

    I am so lucky to have YOU in my life!