Wednesday, October 7, 2009

mental health day.

i have had a tough couple of weeks with work, all of my extra activities and side jobs, school and all sorts of other stuff. yesterday when i found out my debit card had some fraudulent charges yesterday i reached my breaking point. so i chatted with my boss about taking the day off tomorrow and she of course, being the wonderful boss that she is, said go for it! i'm glad my boss is cool with me taking a vacation day with one day's notice.

i've been so busy during my normal free time i haven't been able to do the nice weekend or weeknight things that i normally enough so much. i literally dreamt about what i was going to do on my day off last night. i woke up and thought it already had happened. that's how much i need it!

so tomorrow i will be sleeping in until an absurd hour then rolling out of bed for a spa manicure and pedicure. i go to a salon right around the corner that plays sex and the city non stop and has great deals. then i'm planning on strolling through the lincoln park zoo if it's not raining and then ending up at glazed expressions for some pottery painting. it is the most therapeutic, quiet, wonderful activity i could do. i can't freaking wait.

i can't wait to de-stress and do some of my favorite things (on a weekday even!). what would be your ideal day off?

ps. for the inquiry on the mac & cheese pizza. it's from ians pizza in wrigley and it rocked. they used 4 different types of cheese and put the cooked noodles on top. yum!


  1. That sounds like the perfect mental health day. Ideal day off would be sleeping in, lunch at Nordstrom, mani/pedi and a movie before heading home pre-rush hour traffic

  2. a salon that plays sex and the city nonstop all day?! darn, i wish we had one of those here. my ideal day off would start the night before and i'd stay up really late (i can't do that on a work day), sleeping, browsing at a bookstore (yes i'm a dork), a sushi lunch at home with a chick flick, and do a little cleaning up at home so that i accomplish at least a small something :)