Friday, October 23, 2009

wednesday was the best day this week!

not that there was anything wrong with any other days this week but wednesday was particularly good. first of all, the forecast called for warm weather so i threw on a skirt with no tights for probably the last time until may. then i got an urgent email from my boss asking me to meet her at the new office where i will be working soon. our university has 2 campuses - one in the loop and one on the northside. i currently reside in the loop but a new alumni center was recently build on the northside so half our team will be working there starting in november. i had seen the space from the outside but my boss had me meet her there to walk through it. it was exciting to see what a normal morning commute will soon be like - 15 minutes total. SWEET! as opposed to my normal 45 minute commute. it was great to see the inside of the space - it is going to be so different but very good. it's got a completely different feel, i'll be able to escape some of the more annoying personalities in our office and i'll be able to connect more with students which makes my job so much easier! then later in the day we had a staff lunch to celebrate a successful reunion weekend which is a big weekend for our office. we got burrito beach and i ate like a cow and it was magnificent. our department assistant is a fabulous baker and she made oreo balls for us - love them - and we also had treats from corner bakery. basically i was in a food coma the remainder of the day and it felt so good. after work i had a killer work out before heading to wicker park to get a tattoo touched up. ive been wanting to get my leaf tattoo on the inside of my ankle touched up for years because it never healed right. i finally had a breaking point on monday and did some research and off of a recommendation and awesome yelp reviews - i decided to go with insight tattoos. my friend agreed to meet me there but they told me there would be a wait so we went to a bar next door to catch up. it had been too long since i had seen her so it was great to gab (and she brought me delicious pumpkin chocolate chip cookies!). i finally got a call to go over to get the tattoo fixed up and it hurt like crazy but my friend kept me distracted by telling me fun stories. it was over quick and i absolutely LOVE it. it looks a million times better than it did before. i'm so glad to have finally gotten it taken care of. it was just a great day and night. now i'm looking forward to the weekend!

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