Tuesday, October 20, 2009

yes, we celebrate sweetest day...

on friday after a busy work day the bf brought me a single red rose and a bag of rollos. heck yes! that's definitely the way to my heart! because i had to work all day on saturday we celebrated sweetest day (and the bf's promotion) with a delicious dinner at chilam ballam. his treat! it's a new restaurant just down the street from me that's getting rave reviews so we had to try it out. we decided to get 4 of their small plates to save room for dessert. we devoured:

* Corn masa memelas topped with smokey black bean puree, goat cheese, arbol chile salsa and dressed greens
* Grilled pork ribs basted with Oaxacan pasilla glaze, radishes, and sweet plantains with crema
* Crispy flautas stuffed with chicken and rajas; chipotle-mezcal sauce, pickled cabbage, fresh cheese and crema
* Grilled hanger steak in guajillo sauce, roasted potatoes, crispy onion and cilantro

my favs were the corn masa memelas and the crispy flautas. the bf liked the flautas the best. but the absolute best was dessert:

* Sweet empanada stuffed with crunchy peanut butter; black fig, Oaxacan chocolate dipping sauces

that could have been the only thing ont he menu and i still would have been thrilled. seriously so delicious.

the food was great but more importantly the company was wonderful. the bf and i laughed a lot and just had a great time spending time together. he's leaving today for a week to do some shows on the west coast. sigh. miss him already!

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  1. I'm so glad that you guys went out to celebrate! Dinner sounds de-lish!