Friday, October 30, 2009

grinch of halloween...

that's what my bf called me today. because i'm WAY annoyed that everyone is incredibly hyper and dressed up in my office and i'm trying to get some work done! i'm totally anti-halloween. the only thing i really like about it is the scary stuff. i loveee haunted houses and scary movies. but the dressing up - i could do without. and the high cover charges for bars on halloween - also could do without. most of my friends LOVE halloween as much as i love thanksgiving so i try to be a trooper and get into it for my friends. the past couple of years i've done the absolute bare minimum as far as costumes. this year i decided to do a repeat - a few years ago i found some gross temporary scab tattoos and bought some fake blood and decided to do some gross face makeup. it was easy, cheap and very halloweenie. this year i took it to another level and also purchased bruise tattoos. i'm going to add a lot more blood and just be full blown disgusting. i can't wait. my friends are going as adorable things like tinkerbell and rainbow brite. i wil really stand out so i'm a bit nervous but still looking forward to being uber gross instead of the typical slutty something or other for halloween.

later this afternoon my office is doing a little halloween party and lots of the employees are bringing their kids in to trick or treat in our offices and decorate little pumpkins. i'm super excited to see the little ones. my boss has the cutiest kids ever. i promise not to be grinch-like for the sake of the kids!

despite my anti-halloweenness, it should be a good weekend. tonight the bf and i are going to a party and then possibly seeing where the wild things are. saturday i'll be checking out the boystown halloween parade then be out on the town with tinkerbell & friends. then sunday i'm heading to the burbs to celebrate my mama's birthday and seeing the bf's sister & her husband who are in town from california. i'm really excited!

last post: thanks for the comments girlies! if i had a choice in moving i wouldn't be going anywhere! but i don't have a choice in the matter. the university decided to open a new alumni center on that campus and half of us are going and the other half are staying in the loop. i'm a bit more ok with it now and i'll have to report back at the end of next week to let you know how it's going!

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