Tuesday, October 27, 2009

the pros & cons of change

so a week from today i will be leaving my loop office to move into a new alumni center located on our lincoln park campus. i never in a million years thought i would be working anywhere but the loop. i have a lot of mixed emotions - i'm trying to stay positive but it's tough. i'm finding with every pro there is a con.

Pro - It will be wonderful for my job. I will have the opportunity to connect better with students and create an alumni presence on the Lincoln Park campus. Con - While it's good for executing my job responsibilities - my work environment is being turned upside down. I'm leaving half of my coworkers to work with only 3 other people and I'm used to being in an office of over 100.

Pro - I will be closer to a lot of my favorite places from when i was a student there. Like the Chicago Bagel Authority, Pita Pit, the zoo, the pottery place. Con - I will be far away from all my new favorite loop things - Harold Washington Library, the Art Institute, MCA, the Cultural Center, lots and lots of shopping. Oh and not to mention all my doctors & dentist are in the loop.

Pro - I will be getting a membership to the super fancy gym on campus which will help me get into better shape. Con - I currently use a free gym on the loop campus and now I have to spend $ on a membership.

Pro - The commute will only be like 15 minutes!!! Con - I currently use the 40 minute commute for reading all my crazy schoolwork or for a power nap.

basically it comes down to the fact that i suck at change. i know that this change will bring a lot of positives but i was happy how things were and now i'm kind of devastated. i'm trying to put on a happy face and embrace change but i just can't seem to do it. any suggestions???

On yesterday's post - thanks for the comments ladies! In regards to the hip hop class - I take my class at Intrigue Dance Studio in the South Loop. (www.intriguedance.com) I got a great groupon awhile back but normally it's $65 for 4 classes a month or $15 per class. It's very beginner and a good work out. I love the teacher on Saturdays from 1-2. Another friend has gone to Joffrey which is way too advanced for me but she loved it!


  1. i don't like change either. but i usually can take change as it comes...just grin and bare it...

    you're cons were really convincing though...why the heck did you leave?

  2. you will be totally fine. at least you don't work in indiana. i know i have said this before, but for real. i'm serious.