Tuesday, October 13, 2009

why my weekend rocked...

i hate tuesdays so it's the perfect day to recap why i had a wonderful weekend. it started on friday with a girls night planned by my bff. we all met at the movie theatre to see couples retreat which wasn't too amazing but amusing. then we walked across the street to the webster wine bar where the bff knows the manager so she got us seats pretty fast - the best seats in the house next to a fireplace on big comfy furniture. i got to catch up with a good friend over yummie wine. it was a great night!

saturday was even better! i went to my hip hop dance class and had a blast as usual. then i met the same bff at the art institute because she had some free passes she generously shared with me. we cruised through the new modern wing and caught up. later on i got to see my new friend & her fiancees new apartment which is HUGE and so nice! she got me and the bf free tickets to my favorite comedian, brian regan that night. sooo grateful. the show was at a big venue in a casino in hammond, indiana. the show was awesome - literally tears streaming from my face from laughing so hard. afterwards we did some people watching and a little bit of gambling. it was our first casino experience and we felt totally out of place! after that we went to a nearby haunted house. it was actually haunted woods and they sent just the 2 of us in. it was filled with creepy characters that followed me way too closely and jumped out at all the right places. i was screaming and running like a crazy girl! loved it! we seriously had such a great night.

sunday i got to sleep in and then spend the day working on my application for a staff trip to paris for vincentian heritage and researching hotels for the upcoming trip to prague. i also got sucked into true life and watched like 5 episodes in a row on drug addicts which was totally addicting. then the bf and i went out for my first indian meal. they accidentally gave me his hotter dish which literally had me sweating and then we realized they messed up. i really enjoyed it when i actually got the right medium dish!

it was just a great weekend with the right amount of relaxation, friends, bf and fun.

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  1. Sounds like such a fun weekend! Paris would be exciting! When would you go? Can't wait to see you guys in a couple weeks! I need a good dose of home!