Thursday, November 12, 2009

busy bee.

i'm ridiculously busy these days. i totally do it to myself. i love being busy but it also kicks my butt. i didn't used to be like this - but once i started school at depaul there was always something on my calendar between work, internships, organizations, events and classes. these days i feel even more overwhelmed then i did as a student. i'm constantly trying to balance work, school, social life, fam time, boyfriend time, volunteering, exercising, side jobs and me time. work is quite busy this time of year with lots of alumni functions and end of the quarter student events. next quarter isn't looking much better. my school quarter is coming to an end and i'm swamped with readings and a paper. and i'm always trying to squeeze in friend, family and bf time. as much as i'm feeling incredibly run down and stressed these days - i'm also feeling really productive. being busy makes me happy. if i'm not busy i feel guilty like i should be doing something with my time. i don't do relaxation very well. i get super anxious if i'm just sitting around being lazy. usually if i'm watching tv i have to have another project going on - card making, reading during commercials, cleaning. seriously, i have issues. this week i have something going on everyday or night after work - sunday was work at the doggie boutique and a dinner party, monday i volunteered, tuesday i had class, wednesday i met my good friend at a fun event at old town social, tonight i have an event for work, friday i'm going out with friends, saturday i'm going to my rents and sunday i'm visiting a friend in the burbs. next week is the exact same thing. however, i'm realizing that i'm starting to become dysfunctional with exhaustion so i'm only coming in for the afternoon tomorrow. i'm going to sleep in, maybe do laundry and try to do some homework. i need the chill, me time for sure! i really shouldn't let it get this bad but it seems i can't control it anymore...

anyone else torture themselves by being busy but are actually secretly happy with the busy-ness?

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