Monday, November 9, 2009

exciting news & weekend wrap

first with the weekend recap. so the weekend was a whirlwind. it kicked my butt but it was great! some of my favorite parts of the weekend:

* depaul wind ensemble performance - i love taking advantage of free programs especially when it involves seeing a group of talented depaul students!

* soul show at lincoln hall where the bf works. it was AWESOME!!!!!!!!! i've never seen anything like it.

* brunch on sunday morning at milk & honey. yum!

* dinner party at my coworkers - delic food and great company.

now for the exciting news....
i was selected to participate in the Vincentian Heritage Tour for faculty and staff. it is a trip to france to follow in the footsteps of st. vincent de paul and learn more about the history of the university. so i get to go to paris and the south of france from august 3-15 with other depaul faculty and staff. SO excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i really didn't think i would get picked so i'm absolutely thrilled!

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  1. YAAAY! Sooo excited for you! This summer will be so fun!!!