Thursday, November 5, 2009

lucky in work.

so i know i've been complaining a bit about work lately and having to move but i truly am very lucky as far as my job goes. i work in alumni relations at depaul. i get to plan events, work with volunteers and students. it's fun, challenging but not too challenging and it's rewarding.

the job totally fell into my lap. here's how it happened. the advisor of my student organization recommended me for a luncheon with student leaders and the alumni board. the board was interested in learning what was going on around campus and if we had any suggestions for engaging students. it was fairly formal and i was a tad nervous. i sat next to a very friendly man and with several other board members and staff members. everyone was so nice but i was the center of attention which made me even more nervous. i thought i made a total ass of myself until i got an email from my current boss asking me if i would be interested in this job. i was totally surprised and pretty against it at first. i was finishing up at depaul - why would i want to stay even longer! i'd feel like a student i thought. but when i went in for an interview i realized it was a perfect fit. then i wanted it - BAD. it was a job i never even realized existed and it had so many elements that made it a great fit for me. so luckily i ended up getting it! the job has changed tremendously since i started over 2 years ago but the changes always end up being for the best.

some of my favorite aspects of my job: 10 paid days off around christmas time, unlimited sick days (not that i've ever used more than 1 but it's nice to know it's an option!), 3 weeks vacation, free grad school (for the most part), killer insurance, working with my volunteers and forming relationships with them, still being part of the depaul community that i loved so much as a student, working with a great team but mostly being able to work independently, having an amazing supportive boss that believes in my and totally gets me and of course planning fun events!

i'm a lucky duck to have this amazing job that i love in these tough times. i'm very grateful.

side notes:

thanks to christa for giving me such a nice award! i would love to award it back to others but i don't have 15 new blogs to award just yet - i'll get there! check out christa's lovely blog @

i received the most AMAZING news this sunday - i was trying to save it for my week's highlights tomorrow but i just can't wait! i went over to the bf's house on sunday night because his sister and her husband were in town. i was greeted with a sonogram!!!!!!!!!!!!! they're going to have a baby in may!!!!!!!!! i'm SO SO SO SO SO excited for them AND for me because i can't wait to have a baby around to love. i can't think of two people more deserving of such a wonderful gift. i'll keep you posted on that fun. YAY!

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  1. Aww that's great news about a baby! Always exciting, especially when they have pictures to share.