Friday, November 20, 2009

this week's happy thoughts.

i had a really tough week. i've been super busy with work and school and i'm feeling a bit under the weather. even though it's been a bit rough i still try to find the happy points and highlights.

* on tuesday i had lunch with my old boss from luna bar and she told me she's pregnant!!! she found out really early and is due in june. so that means 2 babies are coming in 2010. can't wait!

* i got to take some staff members and volunteers to a tour of the beautiful driehaus museum yesterday. we did an event there this fall and they offered us a free tour of the space. it was so nice to spend time with staffers i don't usually work with and get a sweet tour of the beautiful museum.

* i had to do a site visit to meet an alumnus and his wife all the way up in lake villa. he's a donor and they're cultivating him for a large gift and he wants to host an alumni event in his area so the development director took me along. i never get to do anything like that normally so it was pretty cool to just spend the night talking with an alum and he treated us to a really hearty european meal. potato pancakes! mmmmm :)

* on the side, i work for my old boss from the doggie boutique. i help her with some home projects - like organizing her desk. last night i went over there to "work." i had one kitty in my lap while i helped her take the plunge with dating websites and shredded a few items and wrote a job description. that's it. i got paid for that. love it!

so all my highlights are work related, which is sad but thanksgiving is next week; which is my absolutely FAVORITE holiday and i can't wait to eat a ton and spend time at home. i'm also doing a little mini thanksgiving/high school reunion this saturday and i can't wait!

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