Tuesday, November 24, 2009

thanksgiving #1 & #2

on saturday i had a few of my best buds over for a pre-thanksgiving thanksgiving dinner. last year i did the same thing and it was really fun to celebrate thanksgiving with some of the people im most thankful for! we had quite the feast this year. my girls are all such good chefs! they brought asian salad, spinach dip, potstickers, green beans, broccoli cheese casserole, sweet potato pie and pumpkin banana bread. SO GOOD. i made a red pepper dip, applesauce, biscuits and a ham. then we had the banana bread and some cherry pie for dessert. serious food overdose. i had to run around a pit getting things together but i was SO happy to have all of these ladies over. after the show most of us went to bye bye liver which is a comedy show with drinking games. it was a great night!
the best part of making a ham is the leftovers because then i can make my grandma's famous ham & cheese & special mustard spread sandwiches. they are seriously delicious!

today our office has their big thanksgiving party in the loop offices. us kids in the new lincoln park office decided to skip it because it's such a hassle to go back and forth. SO one of my lovely office mates brought in a mini feast for us to enjoy! we had pita and hummus, chipotle cheese and crackers, fudge covered mint oreos and carrot cake cupcakes. i think our feast was better than the big one downtown! i'm going to bring some items tomorrow for thanksgiving #3 and i CANNOT wait for the real deal on thursday. it's so my fav holiday. i love the leftover turkey and all the appetizers and the day off on friday. oh and special time with my family. can't wait!

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  1. awww i wanna have an office feast! *mmm* fudge covered mint oreos.