Monday, November 16, 2009

nice little weekend.

highlights from a lovely weekend:

* wine and catch-up with the bff @ red rooster wine bar on friday evening

* hip hop dance class of course - it completed kicked my butt this week though! it was much too advanced and i could barely keep up but it was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO fun!

* czech holiday fair in hinsdale with the rents - we had to sneak in because it was so over crowded! they had a few booths with czech goods like books, cards, stamps, ornaments, crystal, etc. i got a czech pin for my coat and some czech holiday cards for the czechs in my life :). we got to see czech dancers and singers. it was just so fantastic to see a big czech community so close to home! it made me super excited for prague which is just over a month away!

* sunday i got to catch up with my oldest, dearest friend at our high school hang out - baker's square - got my old faithful BLT and a slice of pie. but the best part - afterwards we went to house of brides and i got to see her wedding gown!!!! it's SO beautiful and perfect. i'm so happy for her! i am so grateful to be in her wedding AND my other good friend's wedding in june. i'm a lucky gal!

now i have a super crazy week ahead of me and it will continue to be crazy until after thanksgiving!


  1. awww so jealous of your trip to prague! love that you take hip hop dance class... is it more of a workout dance class or an actual dance class? either way, how fun!

    have a great week ahead of you!

  2. it's an actual dance class but it tends to work me out quite well :)