Sunday, May 2, 2010

art lover.

lately ive been missing art. i used to get to do artwork all the time for school-drawing, mixed media, printmaking, jewelry making. even after i graduated i took the time to do small art projects. now, i find it hard to find time for it and i lack the inspiration i once had. i'm starting to get the itch again so hopefully i will start to pick it up again but for now i've been enjoying other people's art. last weekend at the dance thing i went to the walls were covered in art. my good friend and old roomie had a few fantastic pieces! she inspired me to do more myself. then on tuesday last week i visited the MCA for their free day. i did not understand a thing. i loved it though. everything was incredibly abstract and modern and didn't make a lick of sense. some of it was super ugly, some of it was gorgeous and some of it was very funny. i was so happy to go because it had been awhile since my last visit. on friday the bf and i joined his friend and gf at our favorite theatre for the opening of "exit through the gift shop" a documentary about street art. i loved it. it was funny, interesting and filled with intriguing art. i highly recommend it. this saturday i made a pitstop at the cultural center and viewed some photographs, some pieces done by young adults with disabilities and my favorite - a paper jewelry exhibit. i get so happy when i go there. i love that it's always free and that its beautiful inside. it's one of my favorite chicago spots. later that day i got the chance to go to artropolis at merchandise mart. unfortunately my friends and i were dragging and super duper tired. artropolis is not the place to go when you're tired. there were 3 different floors and endless rows of art. we first stopped in the emerging artists floor. it was pretty cool and we saw some great pieces. then we went to the other floor with more established artists and it knocked or socks off. i fell in love with all that glittered. i love crafty kitschy art and there was a fair amount there. there were pieces completely made out of sequins - love it! my favorite were these pieces that used straws to create 3d shapes like lips and an eye. there was so much art there it was quite overwhelming but we got to see some very interesting and spectacular pieces and i'm so grateful we got to go.

hopefully i'll do something interesting on my own someday soon!

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