Sunday, May 16, 2010

friday funday & sleepy saturday

this friday i had freebie cubs tix from work. i took rob and my coworker and her husband went too. it was really gorgeous out and it was nice to leave work early that day after how chaotic it has been! it was very windy that day but we somehow ended up out of the breeze and it was just perfect. i'm not really into baseball but i LOVE the atmosphere! i always have to get a hot dog. i think i said 10 times while eating it, "i love hot dogs!" then you have to get some beers and later rob and i got pretzels and cheese. YUM! i felt fairly disgusting afterwards but it was well worth it!

after the game rob and i went home and i passed out for about 2 hours on the couch. lovely nap! then my friend darc came over and took us to the local natives concert at schubas. AWESOME show!!! darc and i just got into them recently and we loved it! i hadn't been to a show that i knew all the words to the songs in awhile and it was fun to belt out the lyrics!

after the show we went home real early because i had to get up for an event saturday morning. it was a fun-filled day and i was happy to relax at the end of the night.

saturday i had to wake up earlier than i'd like to work our spring tour. people LOVE these tours and that's why we keep doing them but man they're a pain in the butt. we have to bring water and boxed lunches on the bus for the guests so i had to lug a huge cooler filled with 20 pounds of ice from my neighborhood to downtown - real fun on the train and then transport it to a bus and get 2 cases of water and 50 boxed lunches on board as well. it's truly a huge headache. i started the day at 8 a.m. and it ended at 330. i seriously was soooo exhausted. i came home squeezed in an hour nap and then was on my way out again. i was meeting rob for dinner at big star and guess who we ran into?? darc and friends! we were able to pull up a chair and eat with them. i was kind of a zombie from how exhausted i was but it was fun of course. i didn't enjoy the service or 'tudes at big star but my food was real yummie! i had a crispy pork belly taco and chicken tostada. i really liked it! after that the bf and i went to his friend's engagement party. we got stuck there a tad longer than expected and that threw a kink in my plans and just ended up meeting a friend at a bar near the party for a few drinks. time escaped me yet again after a couple of hours of girl talk. my other friend came and met us for a bit longer and then it was time to call it a night.

i slept great last night and woke up ready to conquer the day! i grabbed a bagel at The Bagel and came home to clean my apartment, tackle the pounds of laundry, finish my homework and work on some random projects. i kind of just did whatever i wanted this weekend which was probably kind of obnoxious but it's what i needed. i was just too sleepy and run down to do much of anything. but i had a nice weekend nonetheless and i got to spend time with lots of fun people. promise i'll be more fun in weekends to come friends!!!

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