Monday, May 10, 2010

happy, calm and ready.

after last week's complete panic attack and sob fest, i'm happy to report that i'm pleased as punch. i think having a good cry and venting to all my supportive friends and coworkers made me feel a million times better. the weekend was a blast and also helped me destress. on friday i went to the ballet with my good friend and her coworker. we got the groupon for eclectica awhile back. the seats were awesome! i was so surprised that we were so close to the stage for such cheap tickets! they show included 3 unique pieces and it had 2 intermissions which was great for us girls to talk in between each piece. the first piece was very pretty and romantic, the second totally funky and reminded me a lot of the choreography and outfits we'd wear for winterguard and the last piece was beautiful, but one of the girls fell! i've never seen that before! afterwards i went home to join the bf on the couch and we watched "an education." the next day i had a quick luncheon for my student volunteers. they are so adorable and funny. they were all asking what i was doing this weekend, curious about the big bachelorette party and wanted to see all my travel photos in my office. they keep me young, i swear. then i packed up all the alcohol and bachelorette party decor and was on my way. the co-maid of honor got to the hotel (hyatt mccormick place suite - crrrrazy view on the 31st floor!) and decorated our little hearts out. we had all sorts of typical bachelorette party goodies (i.e penis straws and kama sutra balloons) then we had some cute stuff too like caution tape and streamers, glittery buttons and stickers for everyone. we got pasta bowl delivered and had lots and lots of champagne and jello shots. we also had a masseuse and sex toy lady come. it was quite festive. then we went out for a bit and danced our hearts out. i had WAY too much champagne and woke up with the worst headache/hangover i think i've ever had. but man was it worth it. i had such a fantastic time getting wild and crazy! sunday i could not move or function until about noon. the bf took me to return the cat - she attacked me too many more times so she got the boot. i'm SO happy to have her gone. i felt like a big weight was taken off my shoulders and i could relax at home more. i didn't always have to be on the look out for the little devil. and it was nice to toss her literbox and take all the sheets off my furniture. then we drove out to naperville (took 2 hours rather than 45 minutes - thanks 290) and hung out with my mom, bro, dad, aunt and cousins. my cousins bdays are this week so we did a big joint bday/mother's day celebration. it was really nice and they have 2 maltese pups and i realized how much more of a dog person i am than cat. maybe ill start fostering them instead!

i'm feeling totally relaxed and happy and ready to take on all the challenges i have this week. im also thrilled that all i have to do tomorrow is go to the chiropractor and then go home and chill out. wednesday im taking a fitness class and volunteering with my seniors, thursday i might go to a pop can art show and friday i have a half day at work before going to the cubs game and a concert and saturday i have to work an event but it will be a fun one. i'm seriously so ready and looking forward to all of it! hope everyone else had a nice weekend!


  1. bachelorette parties are the best. I just helped throw one for a friend two weeks ago. Champagne, penis pinatas, dancing all so much fun. lovely blog.
    nicole visiting from

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