Wednesday, May 5, 2010

latest foster kitty.

i got a new foster kitty about 2 weeks ago. i am trying out a new program through PAWS. i used to go all the way down to their intake center, take in a sickly cat that wasn't ready to go to the adoption center. it was real hard to get there and sickly ones can be kind of tricky. i found out that the nearby lincoln park adoption center also does fostering. they put cats that don't "show" well into foster care so that the foster parent can write a little bio about how great they are at home and add some adorable pictures to help encourage adoptions.

i went in to met honey bee. as soon as i walked into the room she ran to the top of the cat tree out of my reach. the head volunteer brought her down so i could meet her and she was skittish but sweet. he said that she always shys away from new people and doesnt like to play around other cats. i said sure, let's go for it. he tried to put her in a carrier and she went APE SHIT crazy. great sign! in the cab she was scratching the inside of the crate like a pyscho. awesome. then i get her home and she bolts for under the bed. for like 3 hours. she finally came out for a belly rub and appeared to be very sweet.
she likes to drink out the faucet and our cups. she likes to scratch at my leather couch too. she really likes to be brushed and play with feathers and she sheds like no other. she was all sprite and delight until she attacked the crap out of me a couple of days into her fostering. she randomly jumped on my arm and bit me and clawed me while i was studying. it was INSANE and very scary! then it happened like 3 more times within 2 weeks. couldnt figure it out at all. bought lots of toys and treats and had planned play sessions and it still didn't help. she attacked the bf once last week but since then she's been fine. playful but not aggressive and fairly cuddly and needy. not really sure what changed but i'm relieved because i was terrified she was going to claw my face. she's pretty darn cute looking too.

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