Monday, June 22, 2009

czech me out!

i should start this post by explaining that i'm obsessed with the czech republic. i studied abroad in prague in 2006 and have gone back once since then. i plan to go with the bf over the holidays this year. my photo on here is from my last visit this fall. i'm addicted. i'm 50% czech (bohemian, if you want to get technical) and 50% irish. my combo of irish and czech makes me the biggest beer lover ever!

anyway, due to this obsession - i randomly look for czech-related activities throughout the chicagoland area. i came across a picnic hosted by the united moravian society in my dad's old hood of brookfield, IL on father's day. perfection! i met him out there yesterday afternoon and it was quite the experience. there was a tent with potato pancakes from klas bohemian restaurant, czech pastries from vesecky's bakery, random grilled items, a beer tent with one of my fav czech beers, a table full of miscellaneous czech items and entertainment. oh and a dunk tank for some reason. it was clear that we were some of the only people there that weren't born in the CZ or Slovakia. we totally stood out. lots of people speaking czech around us, lots of beer drinking and even more unsanitary cooking and food serving. totally felt like i was back in the CZ! some of the highlights - a mean moravian lady yelled at my dad when he went the wrong way in line for the potato pancakes, the czech band only sang american songs like sweet home alabama with heavy czech accents and there were buttons for sale with ridiculous sayings like "don't bounce this czech" or "czech mate."

my dad has never really been around native czechs so it was pretty cool for him to see what it was like. it was a great thing for us to do together on father's day. there is something about czech culture that makes me smile that i can't quite put my finger on. whatever it is, i love it.

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  1. Oh I've been to Prague once and I would love to go back. It's so gorgeous.