Wednesday, June 10, 2009

my other furry friends.

i have a pet gerbil named hef. the picture above is of my old gerbil, ralph. he passed away about a year ago. i started this gerbil kick in college because i wanted a low maintenance pet. ralph was fantastic and full of personality but hef is WAY more cute. everything he does is freaking adorable. the way he sleeps, eats and the way he closes his eyes when he's smelling things....all super adorable. it's great to have such an easy and inexpensive pet that can entertain me so easily. he definitely makes life more enjoyable!

last night i came home and hef had gotten his foot caught in part of his cage. it was horrifying. he could have been like that for awhile and he was thrashing around so much he made it so much worse. now his foot is all mangled and swollen. ralph had injuries that he recovered from but this is SO much worse. i had/have the option of taking him to an "exotic animal" vet to have them do an xray and splint his foot but i decided that would stress him out more as they would need to restrain and sedate him. he's been running around and playing as normal. but he has avoided putting pressure on that foot. i really hope the swelling goes down and that he is not in severe pain.

this situation makes me feel like a mama. i don't like it. all i can think about is my little bud and i feel sick to my stomach thinking about him being in pain. i don't think i could handle a real life child considering how worked up i'm getting over a rodent that has a 3-6 year life expectancy.

keep my heffer in your thoughts!

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  1. oohhhh my gosh! i hope he receovers soon.... and wow, theres such a thing as exotic animal vets??!?