Thursday, June 18, 2009

i'd rather be skiing.

growing up, i got to spend a lot of time at my late uncle carl's cottage on paw paw lake in watervliet, michigan. my aunt anne and carl would let me bring up a bunch of my best girl friends and let us attempt waterskiing, take jet ski rides and go tubing. i still can't believe how patient carl was - watching 10 year old girl after 10 year old girl fall behind the boat trying to ski. he would give pointers on what to do and would keep pulling us until we wanted to stop. i somehow managed to learn how to ski fairly well with carl's helpful tips and patience. i sort of became obsessed with water sports, boats and the lake. i felt so lucky to be able to spend time up there and to have such a cool aunt and uncle. as i got older i had to work more on the weekends and had less time to spend up there. eventually they decided to sell the cottage. sort of broke my heart.

it rained early this morning and i woke up to that wet, damp smell that reminds me of summer and the cottage. my heart ached to be up at the lake again. skiing. with my uncle. i have a few of those special places and memories that make my heart feel like it's going to burst whenever i think about it. and today it's all about the lake. the silly, neon life jackets i had to wear, the water burns i would get from bouncing on the tube, the wind in my face when we'd go fast on the jetski, my uncle......burst.

the bf and i have a lifetime goal of getting a boat and a lake house. i really hope it happens someday so that our kids and their friends can have all the special memories that i have.

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  1. The name of your blog is great. Is your optimism contagious? Just saying "hi" and looking forward to reading your blog!