Friday, June 12, 2009

gerbil update and weekly highlights

ok, so good news! heffer is a tad better. unfortunately he lost his little toenail due to the injury but the swelling has gone down and he's running around and climbing normally. he seems to be his happy little self again. i hope it keeps getting better!

so even though i had the gerbil trauma - this was still a VERY good week!

SATURDAY & SUNDAY: had the perfect weekend as mentioned in a previous post
MONDAY: found out one of my bffs is ENGAGED!!! i'm SO excited for her and her fiance! i can't wait to be part of their special day.
TUESDAY: had a great workout before gerbil trauma
WEDNESDAY: finished my final so i'm done with school till autumn, got a raise and had a romantic dinner with the bf at our FAV mexican joint
THURSDAY: hung out with the bride to be to gab about her upcoming nuptials over dinner
FRIDAY: my friend is in from NYC this weekend and i haven't seen her in about a year!!


  1. :[ he lost his little toenail!!?? glad he's okay now though!

  2. OK, so who's engaged, CONGRATS on your raise, and yay for no school until Fall! I need the scoop :)